Nearly everyone has been involved with the educational system at one point or another, where the focus was not usually on quality of education, but on the numbers. Our mission is to educate people about the future of education in our tiny little world in the hopes of improving our 200 year old system.

We believe in progressive change in education. As society evolves, so does our need to reinvigorate our teaching methods. We learn differently from our grandparents, and that is a fact. We have so much more up to date information as well as distractions. Change, is not only necessary, but mandatory for the betterment of our society.

We want to share interesting and innovative ways to improve education by utilizing the most effective tools and methods of teaching. Our audience will be able to utilize the information in the posts to improve their teaching and learning abilities, keeping up with advances in technology and culture.



We see education as one of the essential building blocks of society. Through education comes the ability to transcend diversity, explore interests and complete common goals. We seek to promote the development of educational tools suited to bring about an enlightened future.


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