What’s lacking from today’s new hires

Business ManThe job market is getting saturated every day with new hires while the number of undergraduates is through the roof. This increase in undergrads in the job market does not always correlate with an increase in the general skill level, but it does increase the amount of competition.

Just like in business, increased competition requires an increased competitive advantage to survive, and new employees have been reported to be lacking certain basic skills that could put them ahead of the curve.


The majority of new hires are found to be lacking presentation skills. Colleges do not usually require more than one presentation classes, and students who do not have work experience are usually trying to complete miscellaneous requirements that do little to improve these skills. The problem with the presentation is the ability to research and convey useful information. A tip for students, do an internship or two during; Internships usually have the intern go through a process of researching and presenting data that will that needed advantage.


Hand in hand with presentation, future hires are strongly lacking communication skills. From the first interview to the day to day job environment, the basic ability to effectively communicate is essential for the employees and companies success. Companies depend on the daily interaction and exchange of information to thrive, and when a future hire shows up for the interview, first impressions can be everything.

1. Maintain eye contact  – 93% of the emotional meaning of our messages is communicated through nonverbal channels, so maintaining proper eye contact and not staring can show confidence.

2. Effective business communication requires an understanding of the proper channels.


Companies take into account the new hires ability to grow and adapt. Company culture is important day to day operations. Although it is not required to be molded into the culture, the ability to work side by side and adapt is a must for any new employee.

“Many companies hire based on the candidates ability to grow. Employers undergo rigorous interviews and know that the new hire that will be joining the company has the basic skills to complete his/her role. Additionally employers understand that the new hire will continue to develop new skills as they develop in their career.” Kellogg’s

Presentation, communication, and growth are just three skills that recruiters generally agree is lacking from job seekers. There are a lot of things you can do to stand out, and you can start with a resume. A great resume can be the difference when job seekers have hundreds of equally qualified applicants.

For more help, Universities and Community Colleges usually have one-on-one resources for resume building. So if you don’t already have a resume, or just need someone to review it, give that a try. Additionally you can check these links for tips on building your resume:

A student in their finals years of school should be preparing for the challenges ahead. A good internship goes a long way for improving communication and presentation skills. If possible, students should take as many electives as they can which involve practicing conveying information by means of presentations. Keeping an open mind to company culture is also a must as working for a company with no identifiable traits to the employee may lead to poor work experience.


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