Chosing a major and highest paid careers


A big question often seen with Freshmen and Sophomores at the University level, is which major to chose.

In today’s economy, picking the right major is important for a healthy living both emotionally and financially. Students struggle with this important decision as our society pushes them to chose quickly and before any experience is acquired.  Today we’re going to focus on the financial aspect of the careers of tomorrow.

Top Paying Jobs

Surgeons – $219,770

Chief Executives – $167,280

Lawyers – $129,020

Computer & Information Systems Managers – $120,640

College Professors – $109,150

Most of the Top paying jobs reside in the medical field, and if that is a path you chose, that is great! Although medical school is no walk in the park, the financial rewards start as low as $39,000 during residency, but will quickly escalate past $80,000 with experience and certifications.

If you have your heart set in a field other than medicine and you worry about making ends meet, don’t worry! There are several well paying jobs that don’t require 8+ years of school to start making money. If you are tech savvy you can follow an IT path or web administrator and start out at $50,000.

The problem many students face is misinformation and pressure. Before even graduating High School, the expectations are raised for students by their parents, friends, and society.  Some families who are not native to the United States and unable to find jobs due to the language barriers rely on their children after graduation. In other cases, roughly 34% of teen students before the age of 20 get pregnant early on and end up having to support a family before getting an early chance at education.

In the end, choosing a major should be something that makes you feel good,  but also one that can be financially sustainable. Regardless of the major, having a plan ahead of time goes a long way for sustainability. We will be touching up on Internships on a future article, but its worth mentioning that employers look highly upon them. It can show several things including work ethics and experience.


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